Systematic Approach To Value Your Assets

Developing, running, maintaining, and selling assets in a cost-effective manner is referred to as asset management. Every business should maintain the track of its assets. As a result, its stakeholders will know which assets are accessible to be used to generate the best potential profits. 

Map your physical, virtual, and cloud networks automatically with Mindscape’s inventory management software. Powerful auto-discovery and configurable asset types enable us to completely document all your IT assets across your infrastructure. The IT Asset Management Software manages all the IT equipment like Desktops, Laptops, Phones, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Software Licenses and other software assets.

The Value Proposition

Asset Discovery

Expert consultant physically visiting the facility and literary verifying each assets existance

Asset Tagging & Data Capturing

Expert consultant physically visiting the facility and literary verifying each assets existance

Data & Insights

A comprehensive report on the asset discovery project (Interim & Final) A complete dashboard which can work as the basis on the future plan

Asset Maintenance & Life Cycle

Covers 360o Asset Maintenance including Preventive & Reactive Asset Maintenance, Scheduling & Reporting.

Asset Discovery - & The WHY ?

From small local businesses to the largest global enterprises, all companies need to track & monitor their physical assets. Asset Inventory costs are often a major investment decession, with additional ongoing expenses for asset tracking, repairs and maintenance and replacement. Implementing the right asset management software can have significant impact on the operation cost resulting in better margin

Asset Discovery - The Gem

Project Management - Infographics

Verification of physical assets by an expert consultant
Radius – The complete Asset Management

Requirements on regulatory, accounting and MIS reporting
Tagging make your company more productive.

Business benefits of asset tagging
The Asset Tags : Serial, Bar or QR Code

The Process we follow
The Practices we have in place

What is Asset Discovery ?

Asset discovery is the process to manually verify your company’s physical assets, Factual Checking by an specialist consultant, you will know the total cost of ownership of assets to your company, from desktop, laptops to large equipment & office furnitures till pantry assets. Physical asset verification provides the real time data at your finger tips.

This includes: Identifying the fixed asset, Cost evaluation, Product life cycle cost, cost-benefit analysis, disposal value of the asset and more.

Mindscape IT Asset Management Software - Dashboard in Computer image

What Assets should be tagged ?

Radius; The Complete Asset Management Software

Benefits of asset tracking?

Two main reasons for asset management:

1. Requirements on regulatory, accounting and MIS reporting

2. To ensure assets are managed as per the standards, with best practices & accurate info in most acceptable way possible.

When your company has more number of physical assets, it’s important to know their operating condition, physical location & Ownership. If Physical assets are used in the field, they may undergo repairs, sold, updated, removed or even stolen.

The Asset Management systems help you to manage your physical assets and allow you to make informed decisions regarding physical inventory.

Centralized Management of all assets for seamless governance.

Why Asset Management ?

Primary Benefits of Asset Management System

Secondary Benefits of Asset Management

Asset Management - Framework

Tracking your assets and collecting their data using our asset tag (Serial, Bar or QR Code) has proven to be faster, less expensive and more accurate than manual data collection processes. Our specially to built durable asset tags and to remain readable in the toughest environments. We help you manage your physical assets with your logo and our custom design which could be part of your Branding.

The Processes & The Practices

Asset Tracking Model with Example

Our Clients