IT Assets Management

What Is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset Management is planning and controlling the operation and maintenance of both hardware and software IT assets of an organization. This process improves the delivery potential of assets, reduces costs and safeguards against several risks.  Companies have long attempted to centralise the management of IT assets, which comprise not only hardware, software, networks, and services but also employee and customer data. 

While having that level of control over your IT environment isn’t realistic, proper ITAM can help your company get close to that ideal and stay on top of IT investments by making it easier to manage technology budgets, user data, analytics reports, and any other pertinent information about the company’s IT assets.

Benefits of IT Asset Management System?

Types of IT Assets Management

Hardware Assets Management - IT asset managament Types

Hardware Assets Management

Software Assets Management - IT asset managament Types

Software Assets Management

Mobile Assets Management - It Asset Management Types

Mobile Assets Management

Cloud Assets Management - It Asset Management Types

Cloud Assets Management

IT Asset Management Process

IT Asset Management Process

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IT Asset Support Services

Hardware Asset Lifecycle Management Services

Optimize assets throughout their lifecycle. It will help you reduce costs, improve compliance and mitigate risk. This process-centric approach enables management and visibility of IT and business asset data elements from planning through disposal. Our hardware asset lifecycle management services provide inventory control and management solutions, financial planning and management of procurement, contracts, and changes.

Hardware Asset Lifecycle Management Steps
Software Asset Lifecycle Management Services connecting to different technology - infographics

Software Asset Lifecycle Management Services

Provide insights into software platform usage and ownership. Our services deliver support for industry compliance audits, enable efficient procurement and contract negotiations and reduce IT costs associated with new license purchases and renewals.

In addition, take advantage of our software asset lifecycle management services to optimize licensing usage, decrease annual technology spending and reduce the time and effort required for software-specific audits.