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Open Source Applications for SME

Open Source ERP software is an enterprise resource planning system. Any user can inspect, modify, and enhance the source code. It lets businesses create and customize the software.

These open-source innovations can uphold the digital transformation drives and objectives of your enterprise. Mindscape’s expert team gives customized solutions for our clients. Our broad experience following the prescribed procedures in open open-source platforms makes us the obvious decision among service providers in this space. 

We provide consultancy regarding open source applications as our master group can change the software, fix bugs and adjust the application to your particular business prerequisite and continue offering maintenance and support so that you can focus on your business’ core assistance.

ERP Solutions for SME Application

Everything Included in ERPNext

ERPNext is a Comprehensive Financial Accounting Platform

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Accounting - ERP Module icon


The best of the software’s capabilities is to provide multi-currency support accounting features. The software provides solutions for tax calculations, bank and payment settlement tools that make the software an all-in-one accounting and finance tool. It is a one-stop solution to manage all the accounting processes.

HR & Payroll - ERP Module icon

HR & Payroll

The module enables you to maintain a complete database of the employees, containing contact information, salary details, and attendance. It additionally permits you to create and process employee payrolls and taxation rules. Based on some other records, you can evaluate their performance for appraisal.

Manufacturing - ERP Module icon


This system allows you to plan your inventories using a production planning device. You can create your production plan dependent on workstation accessibility. Case of subcontracting or outsourcing, the manufacturing process includes its cost into the resulting products for a convenient workflow.

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Sales & Purchase - ERP Module icon

Sales & Purchase

The system brings in all critical sales and purchase data together. Dashboards provide the complete view of key performance indicators relevant to business processes. With configurable accounting measurements and adjustable dashboards, it’s feasible to examine each part of your business utilizing sales and purchase the software.

Client Relationship Management Software - icon


Client Relationship Management software helps in managing all your company’s interactions with your customers. It helps in getting drives that improve business connections. It drives sales via automation of the process that builds the efficiency of the organization. It fabricates a solid bond by staying allied with customers.

Project Management - ERP Module icon


It permits you to characterize and designate tasks for projects and make Time Log entries for work done against tasks. ERP takes into account the integration and automation of business capacities. You can track order requests, invoices, and stock against projects. It helps to enhance the effectiveness of the business.

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Helpdesk - ERP Module icon


Capture organizations through email, distribute them to your group, and track its status. The module easily changes overall interactions into data. It tracks customer tickets and issues and holds worker levels. You can also change emails into tickets with the help of this software.

Asset Management - ERP Module icon

Asset Management

Asset management software is used to track and schedule asset-related transactions like purchasing, sales, depreciation, movement, or maintenance. It provides a top-down view of an organization’s assets, allowing operators to orchestrate the entire manufacturing process. It’s an effective all-in-one tool to maintain and store complete data.

Retail Department - ERP Module icon


With streamlined activities under one roof, the retail ERP software at Mindscape lets you have an excellent view of every transaction and provides transparency in all the key operations. We provide industry-specific ERP for enterprises and SMEs in Dubai, UAE at the most economical prices.

Our Services of ERPNext

Benefits for the ERPNext

The Open Source ERP Process

We follow these steps for creating a successful workflow

Identifying Implementation Reason

The first stage in the process is to figure out why you want to include ERP in your company’s digital transformation plan. It will help you pick the right ERP tool, manage business processes more efficiently and improve overall productivity.

Migrating data

After you’ve decided on an ERP solution, you’ll need to establish an ERP workflow that connects all of your company’s apps and procedures. To migrate your data to a new ERP tool, you need to first identify the data to be transferred and find a process to make the transfer securely.

Evaluating the Scope

We evaluate the features of the ERP tool you require. It will help you have more control over business processes and create transparency in daily operations. Evaluation of scope is an essential step as it also weaves the investment cost.

Adding stakeholders

Add the people to the various areas of the ERP workflow. Depending on their duties, each user might have unique process rights. Users can also be given the ability to input data, view it, and approve or reject it.

Industries We Are Expert In


Get rid of your old tools and replace them with smart cloud manufacturing ERP software that streamlines the manufacturing process, tracks material use, displays capacity planning, and more!


With Open Source Retail ERP Software, you can sell more quickly. With a comprehensive cloud solution to help you improve retail administration and increase business profitability, you can measure, manage, and sell more.


Intelligently track order fulfilment, reduce incorrect inventory procurement, control stock levels, apply promotional schemes, simplify your distribution business, and start selling your merchandise.


ERPNext is an open-source, modern ERP software for educational institutes and schools. It helps schools manage students, teachers, courses, and academic programs with an interactive portal


Manage your fields with the best open-source farm ERP software on the market. Crop cycles, locations, diseases, and fertilisers can all be recorded and tracked to help you manage your agriculture business.


To make data-driven healthcare decisions, you’ll have all the information at your fingertips. ERPNext is a DIY ERP software for hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries that is open, modern, and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

ERPNext is a free and open-source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It is a generic software used by manufacturers, distributors and services companies.

ERPNext, like any other ERP, is a complex system. With our support plans, you will optimize your needs.

It depends. ERPNext is completely free and open source, and self-hosting may be the best option for you, depending on company size and capabilities. If you’re a business, the cloud might be a better option.