Radius (Covid-19 Solutions)

Radius – A visitor management solution for modern offices and workspaces of public and private establishments

Paper-less, contact-less, remote, and hassle-free solution for visitor management is the need of the hour reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection and spread

Manage visitors, ensure safety and hygiene efficiently and get the benefit of reduced manpower at entry and exit checkpoints at public and private spaces

A fully-automated, contact-less, and hassle-free solution for offices, educational institutions, malls, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and more

Temperature Checks

Radius - Visitor management Solution - Covid-19 prevention device

Pulse Oximeter

A person is checking its Pulse Oximeter - IOT Device

Features of RADIUS

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Mask Screening

Mask Screening Process - Radius: Visitor Management System

Facial Recognition

Detection of Man Facial for Covid-19 Prevention

Temperature Checks

Temperature Check - Radius VMS Features
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RF & Facial Attendance

RF & Facial Attendance - Radius VMS Features

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter - Radius VMS Features


Sanitization - Radius VMS Features
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Alcohol Detection

Alcohol detection - Radius VMS Features

Barricade System

Barricade System - Radius VMS Attribute

Notifications And Alerts

Notifications and alerts - Radius VMS Features

Benefits of RADIUS

With an organized way of visitor management, an automated system in place has many benefit .