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Providing Powerful Cloud Computing Consulting Services For Higher Return On Investments

Many businesses in a variety of industries benefit greatly from deploying apps on public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud platforms. If you need a partner cloud services in Dubai that can offer you ease to operate across multi-cloud environments, then Mindscape Technology is the right choice. We provide cloud independence and consistency. Our team helps you with cloud computing, multi-cloud ecosystems, multi-cloud integration and multicloud management.

Monitoring and Management

Offering cloud based IT service management to help your business be more secure and more productive

Our monitoring and management services take advantage of the most advanced monitoring tools, technologies, and approaches available. With up-to-date reports, alerts, and instant notifications you can be assured about the availability of your software applications. Our professionals keep an eye on servers, networks, and applications for quality assurance and troubleshooting. We provide cloud IT services for small business with cost and time savings, reduced downtime and reduced productivity issues.


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Know how we proactively monitor and manage to ensure that you can focus on your larger business objectives

Cloud Computing Security Services

Mindscape Technology provides leading cloud computing consulting services that are designed with your business in mind. We review your existing cloud environment, current security controls and data protection measures that you are using. We have extensive experience working in

Cloud Computing Security Services For AWS, Microsoft Azure
Cloud Migration and Security Compliance

We work to establish a security strategy that incorporates several aspects of cloud security after our initial security posture analysis. Each plan is tailored to your company and security goals. Our knowledgeable cloud security advisors can assist you with a variety of issues.

Cloud Migration and Security Compliance

We also help companies move legacy on-premises assets to the cloud. A correctly configured AWS or Azure system provides numerous security benefits while also lowering the risk of a data breach or security incident. At Mindscape Technology, we believe that cloud based services for business are inherently more secure. 

Total Compliance, which includes score for 35 regulatory standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, CIS, FISMA, NIST 800-53, NIST SP 800-171, SOC2, and other important compliance frameworks, as well as self-healing automation that fixes vulnerabilities without human interaction.

Cloud Security Services for Business Data Protection

Our Approach

Our customer oriented approach for cloud optimization services makes the transformation journey easy to understand and more effective for our customers to adopt quickly.

Develop Cloud Service Automation, from the Ground Up

We know how to implement and assess environments based on all cloud managed IT services providers and their tools. We have a lot of experience with the most popular cloud solutions.

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Advantages Of Cloud IT Services For Small Business

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Virtualization managed IT services enable you to lower overall costs in security setup.


Private cloud solutions ensure the security, integrity and availability of critical information.


Cloud upgrades you to avoid hardware refresh and save time, money, resources and stress.


We help you grow as you need to by increasing capacity only when resource demand grows.


Our cloud solution infrastructure is reinforced by built-in disaster recovery capabilities.


Build and manage cloud servers across global data centres as per your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the increasing influx of critical business assets to the Cloud platform, your company surely does need a service cloud consultant. You need the services to relieve your IT team of the burden of monitoring and securing your Cloud-based applications and infrastructure. Our cloud security consulting company will assist your in-house team to develop solid initiatives to govern your Cloud usage, prevent Cloud security threats, and ensure that your company meets cloud security compliance requirements. At Mindscape Technology, our expert Cloud security consultants will work closely with your technical team to come up with practical measures of enhancing your Cloud governance and security.

Our range of Cloud information security consulting services includes Cloud governance, compliance, and risk control and prevention. We can also assist your team in developing, implementing, and regulating Cloud security solutions. All of our Cloud security consulting services adhere to industry best practises and include the following:

  • Educating your IT staff on how to use the cloud safely
  • Performing security assessments for cloud service providers
  • Helping your team to identify Cloud-related risks
  • Helping you to develop Cloud security guidelines
  • Provide Cloud security audit services
  • Cloud migration services
  • Provide Cloud compliance services